by Giorgio Celli, Guido Sgardoli
illustrated by Pino Guzzonato
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This book was elaborated by the Museum of Nervi and the Educational Services of Genova in partnership with Artebambini. It suggests thematic paths
through modern and ancient artworks, illustrations and research materials. The theme of this volume is “Animals”: children will be guided through an artistic path, from the beginning of the XIX century to the great masters of the XX century. Inside this book you'll find a fantastic tale written by the author-veterinarian Guido Sgardoli, winner of the italian Andersen Prize in 2009, and illustrated by the artist Pino Guzzonato. The famous ethologist Giorgio Celli explains some secrets about the animals and their behaviour, guiding the children to new knowledges in order to save and protect the animal world. Gek Tessaro suggests a workshop in the final notebook, an activity based on the observation and the representation of animals.