Daniel (Kamishibai)

by Irene Ferrarese
illustrated by Simone Togneri

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It’s Daniel’s first day of school. Once passed the doorstep and kissed the mum, he finds himself alone in a place he doesn’t know. Instead of going inside the classroom, he decides to sit on a bench right there, beside the entrance, and observe. He doesn’t want to have someone near, unless invited. And so this refuge, his “security blanket” slowly turns into a meeting place with other children, a neutral zone where it is easier to face all the fears. Until one day a new child arrives at school, and Daniel realizes that, perhaps, the moment has come to let the comfortable magic of that bench to someone who may need it more…

A story of extraordinary everyday life, that presents us with all those times we were in need for taking a deep breath before making a huge jump; because, at least once in the lifetime, we’ve all been like Daniel.

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