Imagined Bestiary

by Antonio Catalano, Damatrà Onlus, Virginia Di Lazzaro

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With this book you can create an imagined bestiary with the strangest animals you’ll ever see and play with a real portable theatre. With the included objects and tools you’ll observe and invent animal constellations, you’ll learn how to build an ark, play with the Footprint-Cards and discover the… beastly secret!

It includes:
• an envelope with three postcards
• a quote to be hanged with a clothes peg
• playing cards
• a paper wave
• a glued object (it could be an almond, a stone or a dry leaf)
• black cards to create a constellation viewer
• an A3 sheet to build an ark
• a little book of the animals forgotten by the ark

To build an imagined bestiary we need the curious and fearless hands of children and the strong and wise hands of the grown-ups.